China Certification Centre for Automotive Products (CCAP ) was established in August 1998. As the Automotive Product Certification and Management System Certification Body, it has the impartial third party position.

On Oct 16, 2002, CCAP registered as China Certification Centre for Automotive Products and obtained its business license numbered 1000001003721 from State General Administration for Industry and Commerce of the P.R.C. The approved business scope is certification. In Dec.2003, CNCA issued the Approved Certificate for Certification Body to CCAP numbered CNCA-R-2002-071. The approved business scope includes quality management system certification and products certification

        The Certificate of Accreditation of Certification Body for Products with its registered number CNAS 071-P, Certificate of Accreditation of Certification Body for QMS with its registered number CNAS 071-Q have been issued to CCAP by CNAS. CCAP carries out the current international certification system. The certification activities strictly abide by the regulations of state rules and laws related to certification of products and quality management systems

The aim of CCAP is to try hard to promote the high quality of automotive products so as to ensure the benefit of the customers, to serve for the society by taking safety, environmental protection and energy saving as its main task

The quality police of CCAP is to guarantee the quality by objective, fair & legal certification and scientific management

The CCAP commands a team of full-time and part-time professional auditors, who were trained in state designated institutions and obtained the qualified certification after the examination. They have been working in automotive industry for many years. CCAP also possesses a couple of CNAS-accredited test labs that are capable of testing automotive products.

  Permanent legal adviser: lawyer Xu Lanting

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